Paint Your Own Pottery

Walk in anytime with friends and family and choose from our large selection of pre-made pieces of ceramic bisque (pottery that has been fired once) that you custom design and create. We supply you with glazes, brushes, stencils, stamps, idea books, etc. When you finish painting, leave your piece with us to glaze and fire. Pottery is ready approximately one week later. 

Cost is the price of piece, plus $6 studio fee -

$4 for each additional piece painted, per artist- 

(unlimited studio time)

Daily Specials:

Walk-Ins always welcome

Wacky Wednesday:  Buy 1 Get 1, 2 guests/1 fee

Family Friday:  Families of 4 or less pay 1 flat fee $10.00

Sunday Funday;  $4.00 Studio fees (per piece)